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Competition control system

App for Android and iOS

Mobile application privacy policy

The K44 company respects the right of users of applications created by it to privacy and declares that it makes every effort not to collect any data other than those that are necessary for the proper functioning of the application or those whose collection is aimed at increasing the usability of the company's products.

  1. Any data that could in any way allow identification (identification) of the User is not collected by the application or made available by the Service Provider to any third parties.

  2. The K44 company informs that only temporary data is saved on the client's device when using the application.

  3. The application anonymously collects statistical data provided by the system. The following services are responsible for collecting this data and the way the application is used:

  • Google Analytics service, owned by Google Inc
  • Fabric's Crashlytics service
  1. The application can use the following permissions:
    • Location - allows you to send the user's position to the organizer of the competition in order to ensure the safety of users and control the course of the competition in accordance with the rules and principles of fair play.
    • Memory - SD card - thanks to this permission, the application can save data in the device's memory, thanks to which the use of many functionalities is possible in offline mode,
    • Full access to the network - in most cases required to update data and display part of the data while browsing, in online mode.
    • Preventing the phone from going to sleep - a service for the proper operation of the application and sending the location while the device's screen is turned off.
    • Communication with Google Services (Google Play Services) - we use it for the correct operation of geolocation.
    • NFC communication is used to read tags/markers of scoring in competitions.
    • Vibration control - used for notification settings
    • Push notifications - the application can send notifications to the user using push technology. The user may not agree to receive them.
    • Access to the camera - permission needed for functionalities that require taking a photo, for QR/bar code scanners and for confirming collected points..

If you have any questions or ambiguities, we are happy to help. Please contact us at info@k44.pl