We make every effort to ensure that the application works properly on any device, but the following requirements must be met:

  • Built-in NFC - proximity connectivity
  • Android version 6.0 or higher, iOS version 10.0 or higher, iPhone from the iPhone 7 model
  • Android must have google services if we are going to use track and points. Mainly applies to Huawei and Honor.
  • Built-in camera
  • Built-in GPS (location)
  • Internet connection (own SIM card)
  • Recommended increased resistance to falls and humidity
  • Thin cases - very thick and reinforced cases often make NFC connectivity difficult, thus confirming the point becomes difficult
  • We recommend devices with google services, devices without google services will not be able to display the map


Install the app from the appropriate store for your device. If you have an Android device without Google and Huawei services, you can download the application directly from our website by clicking on the "Download for Android" icon.

Once installed, you will be asked to properly set all required permissions on first run.

The video below shows you the correct installation process in detail.

Download manual PDF


Overview of available features

1. The name of the event you are logged in to.

2. The name of the class you are logged in to.

3. Your starting number.

4. Access to the information menu.

The configuration depends on the event settings, it is possible that you will find important information about the event there, such as emergency numbers.

5. Access to the map with the route.

Access to the map is possible only if the organizer has added such a map to the event.

6. Stopwatch or countdown timer.

Available depending on event configuration. The possible configuration is to indicate the time to the end of the event, the time to the end of the episode, the time from the beginning of the episode. Information about the displayed time will be provided by the organizer.

7. Device battery status.

Take care of the appropriate battery charge during the event.

8. GPS position reception status.

The green color of the icons informs about a correctly connected location receiver.

9. Data sending.

The inactive icon (gray) means that all data has been synchronized with K44 servers. If the icon is black, check the Internet connection and touch the icon to force the data to be sent.

10. Exit - logout.

Log out of the event. Logging out is tantamount to leaving the event. The organizer will inform you when to log out of the event, early logout may result in penalty points or even disqualification.

11. Number of points earned in the event.

The indicator displays the number of points you have earned. This is not the final result, the organizer may also calculate points in a different way, add a bonus or impose penalties.

12. List of collected points.

The list indicates the names of checkpoints that have been confirmed by zooming in on the application. Point highlighted in gray has not yet been synchronized, sent, please ensure internet connection. The point marked in yellow is already synchronized and visible in the organizer.

13. Back to the home screen

14. An icon showing your location and direction

15. Route (track)

The route prepared by the organizer to facilitate navigation. For information on how to navigate the route, please follow the competition rules.

16. Waypoint

A point indicating an important place on the route of the event. You can obtain all information about the points and the route from the organizer.

17. Locating

The locate feature allows you to move the map automatically following your location.

18. Google map controls

Google map controls allow you to open a point in navigation and map. This can be useful when navigating public roads, e.g. to the event base or trying to find a hidden place.

Frequently asked questions

The application does not allow you to scan the QR code

Make sure you've agreed to all required permissions, including the "always allow" location.

I cannot scan a checkpoint

  • Make sure you have the NFC reader turned on
  • Make sure you have granted all required permissions and are not blocking access to location services

Why can't I see the map

  • If you have a device without Google services (e.g. some Huawei models), you cannot use Google services. Use a device that supports Google services or download the .gpx file for use in another application.