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Intuitive service

The system is easy and transparent to use

Time measurement

Possible timing of special stages

Without installation

Operation from a computer, tablet or smartphone without the need to install software


Instantly generate results

No tools

You don't need any special tools or programmers


Counting checkpoints

Multiple logins

Ability to work on multiple workstations at the same time

Export to CSV

Ability to export data to a spreadsheet

Telephone support

We support by phone during the competition


App liked by competitors

GPS location

Precise GPS location of the competitor

QR codes

Automatically generated start list with QR codes for competitors

Comparison with classical methods

Function Classic K44
Competitor service Covering and stamping the stamp, the possibility of losing ink, the possibility of soiling the card Fast proximity scanning
Illegible stamps Possible dirt on the card, smudged stamp, insertion in the wrong field, etc. There is no possibility of a mistake, the competitor can verify the points on the list
Another class stamp Possibility to insert a stamp from another class. There is no possibility of a mistake, a stamp from another class will not be accepted.
Verification Only by observing the trial. Accurate time and GPS position from each checkpoint, encrypted NFC tags, protected against cloning.
Technical or medical assistance Difficulties in determining the exact location of the competitor. GPS location of the competitor sent on an ongoing basis to the organizer and medical staff.
Results Time-consuming counting and verification of points scored. Results available on a regular basis with the possibility of publication.
SS time measurement Requires additional judges or start and finish at the same location. Time measurement by loading START-SS and FINISH-SS checkpoints. All you need is a judge controlling the passage along the route.
Map Necessary paper map or a separate application, problems with uploading files for each competitor. Google map integrated in the application, track and waypoints downloaded automatically. Ability to lead to the point.


Advantages for competitors

Application for the competitor for Android and iOS, available for free in the store and to be installed on devices that do not support the play store.

Extremely easy to use.

The competitor sees a list of captured checkpoints.

Login with the QR code received from the organizer.

The Google map will help you reach hard-to-reach places or the event base.

The application is completely free and easily available on most devices.


Advantages for the organizer

Online live results can also be made available to competitors.

Possibility to measure the time of special sections.

Position and GPS track of the competitor available to the organizer.

Extensive scoring options, checkpoints can have different values for different starting classes.

Possibility to assign points for special sections (DNF, DNS)

Competition regulations available from the application level for the competitor.

Advanced possibilities of analyzing the results, such as the order of scoring points, GPS position of each point scored.

No need to install software, the whole system works via a web browser.

GPS tracking app.

Encrypted, copy-protected tags.


Checkpoints, tags

Tag Picture Price
Sticker with a diameter of approx. 40mm, perfect for placing under your own sticker. 20 PLN
Plastic card, dimensions approx. 85x54mm, white, punching and wrapping possible. 20 PLN
Plastic checkpoint made in 3D printing technology, the possibility of making individual shapes and markings. Possible numbering. from 35 PLN


Event support

Action Regular price Promotion 2023
Organizer registration free free
Video instruction free free
Support during event creation and configuration 100PLN/h free
Event <= 100 competitors 20PLN for each competitor, maximum 750PLN determined individually
Event > 100 competitors determined individually determined individually
Including the map in the event determined individually determined individually